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Tourist Gear Travel Pillow 3033


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Tourist Gear 3033 Memory Foam Travel Pillow

We present a revolutionary premium orthopedic pillow for comfortable travel!

This pillow is made from the innovative “Memory Foam” material that instantly responds to body heat, conforming to the curves of the neck and head, providing ideal spinal support.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the pillow relieves tension in the back and neck muscles, giving a feeling of complete relaxation. You’ll forget about fatigue and discomfort on long journeys!

The pillow features a soft removable zippered velour cover that is pleasant to the touch. It can be washed without damaging the filling.

There is also an adjustable cord lock for convenient attachment to luggage or clothing. Now rest and sleep on the go will be truly comfortable with the new premium orthopedic pillow!






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