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Tourist Gear Travel Pillow 3030


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Tourist Gear 3030 Travel Pillow 

Attention travelers – a unique next-generation pillow from Tourist Gear! This compact inflatable vertical-shaped pillow is specially designed for comfortable rest on the go.

Thanks to its ergonomic curved shape, the pillow follows the natural curve of the neck and back, providing ideal support in a seated position. You’ll be able to relax and even nap, whether sitting on a plane, bus, train or in a car.

The pillow can be easily and quickly inflated in just seconds using the built-in valve. It securely attaches to the headrest or shoulder via an adjustable strap. The compact pillow will take up minimal space in your luggage.

Enjoy a panoramic view out the window without straining your neck. Or create a cozy cocoon to shelter from neighboring passengers. The Tourist Gear pillow will make any trip truly comfortable!






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