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Tourist Gear Travel Pillow 3032


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Inflatable Fleece Pillow with Built-In Pump Tourist Gear 3032

We present for your attention a unique inflatable pillow in a fleece cover with a built-in pump from a leading manufacturer! This pillow combines the very best features. First, the ergonomic anatomical shape follows the curves of the body, providing ideal support and comfort while traveling. Second, the outer cover made of pleasant-to-the-touch and practical fleece that easily removes for washing. The main features are a built-in pump for quick inflation in just a few pumps and a button to release air before packing. The pillow can be compactly folded into a special pouch with drawstrings for carrying. Now your bus, plane, and train rides will pass in complete comfort thanks to optimal support for the spine and muscles! Choose the new inflatable pillow with a built-in pump!


Polyester, Fleece


Blue, Grey


30 х 29 х 10


Tourist Gear


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