Garment Bags

We present for your consideration garment bags by Tourist Gear. This is the optimal solution for those who value quality and convenience when transporting business attire. The garment bag will reliably protect your suit or dress from wrinkles and dirt. Tourist Gear garment bags are the perfect accessory for comfortable business trips.

Superior quality of Tourist Gear garment bags

Tourist Gear manufactures high-quality garment bags for travel that provide reliable protection for your clothes and accessories during transport.

Unlike regular bags, our garment bags are made of durable yet lightweight materials. Thanks to this, they are convenient to carry and reliably protect contents from wrinkles and dirt.

Ease of use

Tourist Gear garment bags are very easy to use. They fold compactly to the size of a small bag, taking up minimum space.

When unfolded, clothes and other items can be neatly placed inside using adjustable compartments. The zipper securely encloses the garment bag, keeping contents firmly in place. Handles and loops on the body ensure carrying convenience.

Wide range of models

Tourist Gear offers a wide selection of garment bags for different needs.

There are models of various sizes – from compact ones for a small number of items to spacious family-size garment bags.

Many models come with additional pockets, including zippered ones, for convenient storage of small items.

You can choose a fabric or waterproof garment bag, with or without exterior pockets – in short, the optimal version for your specific needs.

A high-quality and reliable garment bag for travel and clothes storage from the proven manufacturer Tourist Gear. See for yourself, place an order in our online store!